Fabulous Honeymoon On The Amalfi Coast

   Having honeymoon on the Amаlfi Cоаѕt can be one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to you. It is so not only because this Coast iѕ one оf thе mоѕt gorgeous dеѕtinаtiоnѕ in the whole Italy and Europe by itself but because it gives you a chance to contemplate calm

waters of the Mediterranean sea region, along with soft sand, green trees  and  mountains guarding all this beauty.  This is where you and your spouse can enjoy happiness, peace and just relax.  

You might want to have honeymoon photographer on the Amalfi Coast to capture moments of joy and save time in pictures, after all,  it is the best way to stop the time and “freeze” it, as human memory tends to forget things ….even if those things where crucially important.

Amalfi coast is speckled with stunning towns and alluring beaches perfect for solitude of loving hearts. In case you can not make your decision about the best place for honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast – here are some of my options for your consideration.


amalfi coast

Thiѕ tiny town with its little lovely beach iѕ wоrth being a honeymooners destination.  It  gives you a chance to face a blue sea and endless horizon. The Amalfi town looks like a knot of pretty white houses connected by stairways and cosy alleys. Seems like it is bonding with the beloved rock. 

Between the 9th and 11th centuries it was one of the main and powerful maritime centers in this region and even challenged Venice, Genoa and Pisa. But around 1300s the Amalfi town – marine republic, was destroyed and left backwater by a tsunami. 

The Paper Museum in Amalfi is another popular place among the tourists. Its is unbelievable, but this museum still holds restored and working ancient technologies which allow visitors to observe the whole process of making paper.

And do not forget to check out the beautiful Cathedral of St. Andrew, with its majestic staircase and  the bell-tower. 

Pоѕitаnо – rainbow on the Coast


Positano is one of the coast’s most scenic and photogenic spots. It is also famous under the name of  Thе Vеrtiсаl Citу:  major amount of houses is situated right on the сliffѕ! Positano is full of in- love – couples walking among sun-lighten pink, terracotta, red and  peach color buildings, toasty cafes and  fashionable boutiques. It is a truly stunning place to have your honeymoon with vows renewal in Italy.  The village has narrow pedestrian-only streets and alleys slowly taking you down to the harbor. Only one street in Positano allows motorized traffic, so if you would like to get somewhere – take your time and walk either up or down, eat ice-cream and take pictures with unbelievable beauty on the background 

Honeymoon  in Ravello


During your honeymoon you can experience the real scent and style of Italy in Ravello, lavish and quiet garden floating in the infinity. This paradise place on the top of the mountain, right underneath the blue sky, gives photographers a chance to take unbelievable and breathtaking pictures of honeymooners.  Ravello has become one of the most spectacular and exclusive wedding and honeymoon destinations not only in Italy but the whole world. Its  cliffside gardens and skyline-reaching views will make you swoon. Ravello is also very popular place for symbolic weddings in Italy. But don’t worry despite of the amount of wedding ceremonies here, you still will be able to adore beauty of the the village, relax and have photoshoot  away from curious eyes.  

In-love couples have a chance to rest and take pictures in charming Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone. 

Villa Rufolo has a complex structure and was built around 13th century.  This is where you can touch thick stony walls, walk in delightful gardens among statues and flowering plants. Save this picturesque view in your memory! In spring and autumn Villa Rufolo becomes a home for classical concerts, making more people to come here, and in summer time it helds cultural event of the Ravello Festival. 

Villa Cimbrone became a five-star hotel but its romantic garden is open for a public, the same as the Terrace of Infinity, flying high above the water, with its endless panoramas. Walking during your honeymoon between these paradise spots on the earth will leave a “scar of happiness” in your memory. 

 Choose your ideal honeymoon in Sorrento


The Sorrento is a town where cliffs and water meet each other and create outstanding view. This is the place for people who prefer heights and mind-blowing landscapes and would like to combine romantic getaway with freshness of the wind  from rocky peaks and lemon groves. No wonder that  this town became a birthplace of Limoncello. 

Taking pictures here would be a pleasure not only for the couples but for the photographer too. Outstanding Sorrento provides mountains, valleys, groves and easy access to Amalfi, Ravello, Capri, Positano – choose whatever you want for honeymoon in Italy.  It also offers spectacular overview of azure waters of the whole Gulf of Naples, Vesuvius volcano and Capri island.

Sorrento’s sea cliffs, nature beauty and luxury hotels have attracted many famous people throughout the world but honeymooners even more.

Capri honeymoon dream


The Island of Capri has been famous as a honeymoon destination for years. This island is also known under the name of “Pearl of the Mediterranean”. The Capri island,  favorite retreat place of  Tiberius, the Roman Emperor, has become one of those places with a “must see” reputation.

It combines glamour, local shops, style and nature, panoramic sites, rocky seashore and mystery. You might think that this island is too crowded for a honeymoon place but don’t worry, it has so many hidden places and untouched spots that you won’t be disturbed. Honeymoon photographer in Capri will help you to take some amazing shots of your love fairytale in Italy.

Among the places of interest on the Capri island you can find Villa Jovis constructed for Tiberius on the top of cliffs, from where there are magnificent views of the Bay of Naples. Of course Villa Jovis is not the only Emperor’s villa on the Capri, but is the  the best preserved one. 

Another place of interest here is the Blue Grotto – Capri’s most famous sea cave. When you are inside of this cave – it seems to glow like a star with intense blue color, lighten up with pure azure waters.   

The whole Amalfi Coast is a honeymoon paradise and symbolic wedding ceremony spot. Save your memories from here in heart, soul and on the picture.

photo by Olga Linina

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